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Rosella (Hiebert) Ogg


BA; MA in Painting, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 1958; 1983


Sabbatical, Rochester Institute of Technology, computer graphics 1980


Artist in Residency, Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Scotland, 2006

Attended public schools in McPherson, Kansas. Graduated from K-State and with my husband returned to teach in the school system in McPherson,KS, for six years 1958-1964. Returned to Kansas State University to teach for the next 34 years, 1965-1999. Taught classes in drawing, design, art education, computer graphics and painting. Taught two student residencies for Kansas State in Arbroath, Scotland, 1998, 2000.


Throughout my time as a public school instructor and at Kansas State I have continued to explore painting in oil, acrylic, and water media. My early training came during the years of abstract expressionism and this style continues to be a strong influence in my creative process. For a period of six years I explored the art of papermaking using pulp to create texture and relief interest. This exploration led to conducting workshops in papermaking in several locations. The last twenty years I have been using transparent media in unusual combinations of landscape and still life images.


I was granted an artist’s residency in Hospitalfield House, Arbroath, Scotland in 2006. Arborath is located on the North Sea and provided new and unusual visual information. I used this residency to find renewed focus for my current work and was excited to find that the creative process was still a challenge and a pleasure.



My work has been exhibited in many regional galleries both juried and invitational. My most recent exhibition was in the McPherson Opera House, McPherson, KS.


I usually work in series, i.e. ‘tiescapes’; ‘stillscapes’; ‘Hospitalfield’; and, the paintings are usually about color and line and are about combining unusual motifs. Using a landscape orientation allows me to remain connected to my environment and to echo the rhythms and contrasts that I observe. My interpretation of these elements attempts to communicate an optimism and enthusiasm for life.

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